Mark Hoerner- Chiropractic Treatment

The staff at Tri-States Chiropractic treats me very well. They were very helpful working with my insurance company and are very flexible with scheduling my appointments. The phone call the day before my appointment is wonderful! Dr. Peter and the therapist are extremely knowledgeable and do a great job in helping me understand the type of treatment I am receiving and how it benefits me. I believe Tri-States Chiropractic has changed my life. I never thought I could be this active in my middle 50s and look forward to staying active for many more years with their help. People look at me today and say, “Holy cow, you look great! What have you been doing?” The first thing I tell them is about my experience at Tri-States Clinic of Chiropractic and the help I’ve received that has eliminated my back pain and allowed me to get in the best shape of my life. Give them a try. It worked for me!

Tri-States Chiropractic Doctor

I recommend Tri-States Clinic of Chiropractic to my friends and associates. It is the #1 place to go. You rock!

Chris Wand - Tri-States Chiropractic

After a few visits, my back and neck improved a lot. The once a month visit re-adjusts anything that moves throughout the month. The thing I like most is the 10 minutes in/out adjustment.

Tri-States Chiropractic Treatment

I came in with severe pain the back of my leg that ran down to my knee from a fall. It made sitting for a long period of time very difficult and I also couldn’t run. In just a few short months, I am almost pain-free and am running again. The staff always greets me when I come in and are very helpful with all my insurance questions.

I cannot express enough gratitude towards Dr. Lynch for the progress I have made since I = started seeing him. He went full force into my treatment and I feel better than I have in a long time. I am now running races, which is something I would never have considered before my treatments.